Solar thermal takes the heat from the sun and transfers it to a “sink”, where the heat can be used for various applications. Increasing the numbers of collectors on the roof allows for the temperature of the water to raise, depending on the individual’s hot water or heating needs. 

Bryant Heating and Air Conditioning Services

By installing a new high efficient heating or cooling system you can greatly reduce your energy cost and at the same time reduce the emissions of greenhouse gasses. The new air conditioning system uses environmentally friendly refrigerants that provide lower energy consumption. These systems operate from 14 seer up to 24 seer energy ratings. A new heating system will also reduce your energy cost these new systems operate from 86% to 97% efficient. 

Domestic Hot Water (DHW)

Solar thermal can heat the water coming into our homes and businesses to 120-140 degrees. The properly sized system can contribute to 70-80% of the hot water needs. This means less dependence on electricity, oil or gas. 

Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant floor heating only requires temperatures of 100-130 degrees. This is the perfect range to use solar thermal to heat water. People heating their rooms with radiant flooring can expect 20-50 percent of their heating needs will be accomplished by solar thermal. 

Solar Pool Heating

Solar pool heating is a simple, economical way to heat a pool. The payback period for a solar pool installation is one to two seasons. Solar pool heating helps to extend the season using your pool, from June through September, to April through October. Solar pool panels typically are 60% of the surface square footage, of the pool. 

Evacuated Tube vs Flat Plate

Solar Thermal can be 70% efficient in using the heat from the sun. There are two basic collectors used, flat plate and evacuated tube collectors. The flat plate is a metal box, with glazed glass on one side. Copper piping is in the box. The heat transferring liquid is circulated through the box, and the heat gained from the sun is returned to the heat sink, be it a tank or other media to hold the heat. Evacuated tube collectors are generally double walled glass tubes which surround a “heat pipe” of copper. The glass insulates the heat pipe, which transfers the heat from the sun to a header pipe. This header pipe has the transferring liquid circulating through it, down to the heat sink.

Both types of collectors are effective in capturing the heat of the sun. We feel that the evacuated tube collectors can be more efficient in the New England weather. Evacuated tube collectors are more efficient when there are cooler temperatures and on cloudy days. These collectors also take in the sun’s insolation from 360 degrees around the tube. Flat plates will only take in this insulation from the one size with the glazed glass. 

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