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EcoSolar Installations was established in July 2008. The principals and current employees are Pat Early and John O’Brien. Pat has twenty years of experience in HVAC, John brings management, sales and marketing experience to the company. EcoSolar Installations is dedicated to quality solar thermal installations for domestic hot water, space heating, and pool heating applications.

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  • DHW, 40 unit apartment building, Hamden, CT
  • DHW, Single family house, Bethany, CT
  • DHW, Laundromat, New Haven, CT
  • Boiler replacement and DHW, Norwich, CT 

About EcoSolar

EcoSolar Installations has installed solar pool systems, evacuated tube collectors and repaired flat plate tube collectors, since it’s inception. We install both residential and commerical solar PV. The education of our customers is extremely important.  Numerous financing options are available to our customer.  

We believe that understanding solar thermal are the key to capturing its benefits. We maintain close relationships with the installations that we have done. They have supplied us with real-time results on the systems we install. We use this information to assist potential customers in their decision-making process. We believe that a well-informed customer will choose solar thermal as a method for heating their hot water domestically.

Pat Early: 20 Years Experience in industrial and residential HVAC
John O'Brien: Sales and Marketing Specialist

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